Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creating your own lip gloss line!!!

Creating your own lip gloss line, can be hard work and time efficient. You have to keep four things in mind. 

  • Making the ingredient
  • Coming up with a unique name
  • Getting the name trademarked
  • Marketing your product

Well, when you first think about this, you might say to yourself " Too much work". To me, I think that if this is your dream, you would do all that it takes to accomplish this DREAM. Now that you have an idea on where to start, let's go step by step. First we'll talk about-

Making the ingredient
When you think of ideas to put in your lip gloss, keep in mind what audience you are aiming for. If you want to sell to the younger audience you might want to add fruity smells to the gloss. The younger crowd loves to smell the sweet gloss on their lips and to be honest, that's the only reason they purchase it sometimes. If your intention is to sell to the early 20's and upper age group, you should ask family or friends in that age range what do they look for in a lip gloss. Now, you might get different answers, but take notes and combine those ideas. When you shop for ingredients, try to pick up organic materials such as beeswax, coconut oil, pure jojoba oil, flavored oil (for smells), mica powders (for color) that's approved for lips, and etc. With these kind of ingredients, you can eliminate the chances of people having allergic reactions to harsh chemicals that's often put in gloss. When you gather the ingredients you want, it's now time to experiment. When you're done with your final product, let people you know sample it. They would give you their opinion on what should be added or changed. You should accept all criticism, because it would only help you get better.

Coming up with a unique name
This is the fun part! You should allow your creactivity to run wild. Think of a catchy name that would be remembered. Your product alone would have the customers coming back, but when someone ask the person the name of the lip gloss the're wearing you don't want them to be like "Oh, I can't remember the name, but it's a great lip gloss". Think of a name or should I say word no other lip gloss brand has. For example- pucker, smack, treat, and so on are words that's used in other lip brands. You want your name to STAND OUT. Try mix matching letters in your name. My name is Natasha Brooks, so I would do Na'Bro lip gloss. Kind of weird but it's one word and easy to remember. It will also get your name, as well as your lip gloss reconized. If you prefer to get a little professional, just signature your lip gloss and that would be your first and last name.

Getting the name trademarked
Now that you have your recipe and your name, it's time to get it trademarked or patented. You should not sell your product without getting it trademarked as your own. There are many people that have trouble coming up with ingredients or names that they would steal your name and trademark it before you do. This would not be cool. If you plan on selling your product to the public you should get your business liscense. You could do this by going to the SBA website. They would help you get your business up and running. You could also get logos to go on your labels, which I would post another blog about, trademarked. If you go here this site would allow you to put in your logo into it's worldwide database to see if it's taken or available. Although it's impossible to get ingredients copyrighted, you should store your recipe in a safe and private area that only you may have access to.

Marketing your lip gloss

Okay, now you have your recipe, name,  logo, and business liscense, you can start to promote your lip gloss. You have to come up with a price for your lip gloss. Make the price reasonable but profitable at the same time. Go out and PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE. I can't express how much this would get the customers coming back. Go to local flea markets and sell your product. The flea market draws a lot of attention. Another idea I came across was a website called Etsy. This is a website where handmade items are sold all over the world. Just create an account and set up your online store. If you want you could go to Godaddy and create a dot com website for an extremely low price to promote your lip gloss in a unique way. It's up to you how much money you want or how big you want your lip gloss line to grow.

I hope I helped a lot of inspired individuals get started on their dream. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions. Thanks dolls! PERFECT MAKEUP SECRET Click Here!


  1. What other ingridients are in lip glosses like the basic , I am a teenaged girl and I am basically addicted to lipgloss and want my own lipgloss company

  2. Some of the ingredients are simple items you may have in your home already. For example, oils, pigment, and beeswax. Good luck on your company in the future :)

  3. im lookn to start a lipgloss line for my daughter but its hard finding ingredients? any suggestions?

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  5. hi,

    How do you inquire about a lab that would help assist with the making of your product?

  6. I'd like to no how I can get a lab to assist with making my product to and what would I need to have as far as start up cost also?

  7. What are your recommendations in carrying out a successful lip gloss for all ages starting with 16+. How much do you think it will take to start a lip gloss line? Do you know of some inexpensive manufacturing am testing companies? Please help with the information as am mom of twin boys that are autistic. Ia m just trying to find a way to feed my family.

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  9. Awesome information.. Just what we were looking for! THANKS!!!

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  11. I was wondering do you need a Chemist to mix your ingredients in order for you to sell your lip gloss or can you mix your ingredients yourself. I've been getting mixed reviews, some people telling me that I need a chemist in order to sell my lip gloss line.Or can I mix my ingredients myself to start selling

    1. Yes you can mix the ingredients yourself. I have a brand already in the market. If you need some tips, i put on a video of how i went about creating my own lip balm range. Here is a youtube link

  12. I am starting my brand in india

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